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The Smokie Migration


I am an artist who focusses on the local, heritage & culture and people. Working on a variety of projects, across mediums, I try to remain as flexible as I can, to gain as many experiences as possible, learning unique lessons from each one. 

When asked to take part in the Tayside Climate Beacon I wanted to create something that would encourage people out into the environment. My work looks at how we interact with our environment, but not directly related to climate – this would be my challenge really. Encouraging folk out into the local surroundings, and asking open questions, I felt, would be a great bridge.

I picked out the term Migration to hone in on, Arbroath has one famous story of migration – the Arbroath Smokie. Originally from the neighbouring village of Auchmithie, and adopted over with the creation of the new harbour and the movement of families as a result. The Arbroath Smokie is a protected product, a PGI – same as Parma Ham and Champagne, and cannot be made out with 8km of Auchmithie.

Historically, the movement of these families meant a lot, and highlighted a large flaw in the way land ownership of the time operated.

I wanted to create a physical representation of this Migration, and ask people to interact with their environment around them. To observe, to question the history and future of such a delicate climate and the impact decisions we make can have. 

It has been an honour to be able to create such a piece of work, I would like to thank Tayside Climate Beacon for such a great experience.

About Kristina & her Process

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