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Project Partners

The Tayside Climate Beacon Network brings together organisation across arts, culture and heritage; science and academia; and communities and the third sector who are committed to action and collaboration on climate change.


Creative Dundee believes that culture and creativity are essential catalysts for positive change. We amplify and connect creativity in and around Dundee, and we lead collaborative projects which generate local national and international opportunities for people, the city and the region. Since May 2021 we've run CULTIVATE, a regional peer-leadership programme that experiments with new ways of embedding creativity at the core of grassroots collective action for climate justice.

Bioregioning is a response to the climate and biodiversity crises. It challenges us to see a place through its natural infrastructure instead of the infrastructure we humans have designed, turning shires and cities into biomes and watersheds. Changing the frame in this way helps us reperceive our interdependence with the natural world and inspires the urgent action we must take to bring human and biotic communities back into a healthy, balanced co-existence with each other.

Dundee City Council has a central role to play in climate adaptation and mitigation and has led the development of the city-wide Climate Action Plan which represents the first set of energy, transport, waste and resilience actions in a long-term pathway to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 or sooner. 


The Council leads by example in tackling climate through delivering cross-cutting national policy and plans; by influencing and enabling positive behaviours; driving change; and acting as exemplars of climate action and low carbon innovation. 

We are an independent museum which preserves the transport heritage of Dundee and the surrounding areas. We reflect the past, showcase classic vehicles and look forward to a net-zero, sustainable, transport future reflecting Dundee as a forward-thinking city. We aim to educate and inspire visitors, giving them a memorable, hands-on experience whilst they explore the museum’s collections, exhibits, interactive displays and activities

Dundee Heritage Trust is a small independent charity operating 2 five star visitor attractions in Dundee - Verdant Works and RRS Discovery at Discovery Point - both consistently ranked number one and two of things to do in Dundee by our customers via Trip Advisor and with RRS Discovery currently ranking in the top ten of things to do in the whole of Scotland ( out of 11.4K options ! ) We care for two collections of recognised significance - both of which provide internationally important, deeply authentic heritage insights into the historical narrative of climate change. Royal Research Ship, RRS Discovery is the word heritage ship that took the internationally famous adventurers Scott and Shackleton to Antarctica - where they undertook extensive world-first scientific research including work that remains the benchmark for climate change scientists to this day. The research findings of its second mission, studying whale populations, sparked the world’s first whale conservation movement - the criticality for the planet has not been fully understood until recently - with one whale having the same positive impact as literally thousands of trees on global warming.


Hello! We are Transition Dundee.

We are a community-led social enterprise which aims to make Dundee a more sustainable, healthier and happier place to live through various climate focussed projects. Many people are aware of the threats that climate change poses - but we are here to show there is hope, there are lots of things we can do to tackle it together and to make sure nobody is left behind in the transition to a more sustainable future. We run the West End Community Fridge, The Wardrobe and NeighbourFood Dundee – with many more projects in the pipeline.

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The Cateran Ecomuseum is a ‘Museum without Walls’. All its sites are outside. Set across 1,000 sq km's of eastern Perthshire and western Angus, it has been designed by the community who live there and it tells the story of its people, places and landscapes across 8,000 years of human history and 400 million years of geological history. It has recently launched a three-year programme aimed at helping its communities and visitors take rapid climate action and transition to more regenerative ways of living. Called ‘The Museum of Rapid Transition, the initiative aims to show how the story of our past can help guide the story of our future.


The James Hutton Institute is at the forefront of Scottish research into the local, national and global impacts of climate change. We are also leading research into how government, local authorities, industrial sectors, agriculture and local communities can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to future climate changes. We are involved in helping understand the impacts of land use change, including peatland restoration, carbon sequestration and food and farming practices. We are involved with various bodies and organisations such as Just Transition, Adaptation Scotland and ClimateXChange. Part of our activities include working to help the Scottish Government identify ways to meet its 2045 Zero Carbon targets.


The story of Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre is one of its people: its artists, creatives, staff, participants and audiences. Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre sits at the cultural heart of Dundee as a centre of creative excellence. The Organisation looks outwards, creating and delivering work for local, national and international audiences, with learning at the heart. “The Rep” recently celebrated its 80th anniversary and is home to the Dundee Rep Ensemble, the only permanent full-time company of its kind in Scotland. Scottish Dance Theatre is one of the few full-time companies in the UK and is made up of nine inquisitive and versatile dancers who have come from all over the world to work and create in our home at Dundee Rep. Together these twin ensembles have created a number of award-winning productions, made in Dundee that tour nationally and internationally; establishing a reputation as one of the UK’s leaders in theatre and dance production, carrying the Dundee brand far and wide. The Organisation has an extensive engagement programme working with people of all ages both within the building and in formal and informal learning contexts across Scotland and internationally. Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre will define, inform, investigate and identify the path to further reducing carbon footprint and create awareness of a sustainable future. Environmental considerations will be contained within the business plan and is expected to include: Informed Team · Collaboration and Promotion · Carbon Planning and reduction For more information click here:


Abertay University works to promote a clear understanding of, and commitment to, sustainable development. By working across disciplines and exposing our students to the principles and practices of sustainable development, we embed knowledge throughout the university’s schools, and encourage forward thinking in our entire student body. Abertay has several specialist research groups undertaking multidisciplinary research in sustainability assessment, sustainable environmental technologies. We also have groups investigating how human interaction in the built environment affects the experience of wellbeing. Abertay is committed to social inclusion, wider access, and stakeholder involvement and has strong links with the wider community.


Ninewells Community Garden lies on the edge of the arboretum of Ninewells Hospital, Dundee. Our mission is to promote physical activity and good health through community gardening; in an environment where horticulture supports wellbeing, therapy and rehabilitation. The garden is run by volunteers, with the support of garden facilitators, and is open at all times for the general public, patients, staff, and community groups to enjoy and utilise. People come to garden, to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the garden, to appreciate our wildlife, for picnics, for a walk or to attend a range of our planned activities and events throughout the year.

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FoE Tayside is one of ten local groups of Friends of the Earth Scotland, made up of volunteers. 

The group campaigns for everyone to have the right to a healthy environment and a fair share of the earth’s resources, now and in the future.  It calls for urgent measures to tackle the climate emergency and promote climate justice; it supports renewable energy and energy efficiency, promotes biodiversity, and argues for a Circular Economy where “waste” materials are re-used, repaired and recycled.  FoE Tayside also supports public transport, walking and cycling, and seeks to influence policy-making by local and national government


About ANGUSalive

The charity ANGUSalive is the culture, sport and leisure trust for the county of Angus and has been operating since 1 December 2015.


ANGUSalive offers residents and visitors to Angus a wealth of services which inspire healthy, active and creative lifestyle choices through the use of our sports centres, country parks, theatres and venues, museums, galleries, archives and libraries.     


We are ambitious and aim to provide the best services for our customers through the delivery of our vision, mission and strategic aims.


Dundee Science Centre is a charity and lifelong learning resource for the community. We are here to help families learn together, to support the formal schools curriculum and advance the science communication profession. With an emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity, our exhibitions provide an inspiring, hands-on learning experience for everyone to visit. Dundee Science Centre is also a Green Tourism Gold Award Winner and conducts numerous outreach visits and festivals, together with our diverse digital offering, to help share the science behind climate, the environment, and the natural world to a variety of audiences across Scotland and beyond.  For more information, visit 

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Festival of the Future, the University of Dundee’s flagship festival programme that celebrates and enhances collaboration between science, arts and culture with our community and with our external partners. We are planning for live, in person events for Festival of the Future in October 2022 including several large-scale events at The Botanic Garden.

Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) is an internationally renowned centre for contemporary art and registered charity that enables audiences, artists and participants to see, experience and create. With two beautiful large-scale gallery spaces, two thriving cinema screens, a busy print studio, an award-winning learning programme, and a packed programme of events, workshops, classes and activities aimed at all ages and abilities, DCA is a vibrant cultural hub open to all, located in the heart of the city. DCA is committed to presenting creative works, including films and exhibitions, that address and raise awareness about climate change and green issues, as well as ensuring our own carbon footprint and environmental impact is actively minimised.

We are Scotland’s design museum. Designed for everyone, firing imaginations, and sparking curiosity in design across Scotland and around the world.  We champion design and designers and want to share the infinite possibilities they bring as catalysts of creativity and change.   Our spectacular home is Dundee’s reimagined waterfront. We are part of the V&A family of museums that celebrate creativity in all its forms from across centuries, for everyone.      One of our four priorities is to cultivate a creative, climate conscious, connected, diverse, dynamic and entrepreneurial organisation. To become a more sustainable organisation, internally we are:

• Working with Julie ’bicycle to improve our sustainability policy

• Analysing our operation and consumption of energy to improve the use of natural resources and generate less waste

• Implementing guidelines for our providers working for exhibitions, the shop, the catering, the events

• Inviting our staff to take simple action (Cycling to work, green team)

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